Single Vineyard Drisbay (Slopes of Mount Knimida)

At the slopes of Mount Knimida in an altitude of 260-300 meters / 850-980 feet above sea level, with meridian and western exposure of the vineyards and 8-15% gradient, from 4.75 hectares of Syrah with an average age of 13 years and 2.9 hectares of Merlot with an average age of 15 years, we create two wines which reflect the potentials of this single vineyard. A charming, complex Syrah which spends 12 months in French oak barriques, acquiring a strong aromatic character and mellow flavor as well as a velvety Merlot which also ages for 12 months in French oak barriques. A unique expression of the two varieties through the terroir of the vineyard Drisbay.

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